The lawyer, like any professional liberal, invoice services rendered to its clients.

The lawyer’s fees are free and set in agreement with his client

This agreement may be verbal. However, you can request the establishment of a written fee agreement specifying in detail the method of calculation of fees and your lawyer and the conditions of their billing.

The criteria for fixing the fee the firm include: the difficulty of the case , the time spent on the case , specialization and the reputation of the lawyer fees it exposes.

Fees may be calculated on a time , the hourly rate may vary depending on the size of the firm, its reputation or specialization of the lawyer.

Fees may also be attached to a lump sum.

How much will it cost me?

In practice, four billing methods can be considered:

1. The Honorary “past tense”

These fees will result at the end of the file in a simple multiplication of the time spent by the hourly rate which will be determined at the outset.
You can at any time request to be informed of time already spent on your case. They will tell you , as far as possible, the expected hours required to process your case number.

2. The Honorary “lump”

You can arrange a comprehensive compensation and intangible.

In practice, this formula is hardly used for “standard” procedures unlikely hazard (eg divorce by mutual consent or Incorporation).

3. The Honorary “outcome”

In France, contrary to what can be done in other countries, including the United States, “champerty”, that is to say, the agreement by which a lawyer and client agree that fees would be due in the event that the trial would be earned and based on the result obtained is banned altogether.

It is possible to agree a fee “income” that must be provided in an honorary prior agreement.

In this case , the firm receives a “minimum” Honorary (usually fixed ) to which is added a “complementary” Honorary if it manages to a particular result.

The fee may be additional fixed or proportional to the result obtained.

Example: The firm is responsible for obtaining compensation, then we can discuss with our client a fixed fee of EUR X to which will add a percentage of the amount of compensation received.

4. The Subscription

If you use periodically and regularly to the cabinet for benefits, you may conclude with him a subscription contract, usually annual.

Under this contract , you can enjoy for a fixed fee services firm for the agreed period.

Fees, costs, expenses … how do you find ?

Costs and expenses are the expenses incurred during a trial do not constitute compensation lawyers..

  • They are normally borne by the person who loses the case . The most common example is the bailiff’s fees.
  • If you ask your lawyer to bring a lawsuit, it will often deliver to your opponent summons by a bailiff. The cost of this assignment is part of the costs.
  • Similarly, if the solution of your case requires expertise, the cost thereof will also be part of the costs.

Fees constitute them Compensation firm.

  • They are your responsibility.
  • However, the judge can put in whole or part from your opponent, if he considers it “fair.”