Auctions / Foreclosures on Paris and France

Master Denis BRACKA door auction for you throughout France and in particular it represents you to auctions in Paris, Nanterre, Créteil, Pontoise, Versailles, Bobigny, Evry, Meaux, Melun, Fontainebleau and throughout France.

Conditions to bid : Lawyer / bank checks

Ministry of mandatory lawyer should contact a lawyer before the sale because we can not accept customers at the hearing.

Record in two bank checks :

  • an amount representing 10% of the bet amount to the order of Mr. PRIXA receiver Blankets, without the amount of this guarantee may be less than 3000 €
  • the costs prior + 10% of the maximum bid envisaged in order CARPA (Case monetary settlement Lawyers)

in both cases, a bank guarantee is possible.

1 / Click here to get the model bank guarantee

(pre fees + 10% of the bid)

2 / Click here to get the model bank guarantee

(10% of the reserve price)

The preliminary expenses are those incurred by the lawyer to achieve the sale , they are added to the price and are generally calculated eight days before the sale (ask for the amount to prosecuting counsel).

Payment Terms Price

Interest at the statutory rate for 2014 : 0.04%

In all cases :

  • payment within 2 months without interest
  • past 2 months, interest at the legal rate
  • past four months , interest at the legal rate + 5 points

Notebook sales conditions determine the period within which the contractor must pay the price.

Cheques should be made payable to the BRA SALES for sales in bankruptcy, the order of the liquidator and for those Domains, payable to the “book of specialized areas” .


10 days after the sale :

  • for sale Monday, the following Thursday 8
  • for sale Thursday, on Monday 8

Consignment :

  • the preliminary expenses of the first sale
  • A provision for the costs of second sale
  • 10% of the first auction
  • 10% of the maximum bid

A bank check

Documents required

– Photocopy of the identity card

– Photocopy of the first page of the booklet family .
– If separate property , specify the date of the contract and the name of the notary.

Download for your situation to :

– Power for a particular

– Power for a company

Please print, complete and return the corresponding document to the address below :

Master Denis Clement BRACKA

61, rue d’Auteuil – 75016 Paris

Faculty Meeting

If sold in lots, the creditor may provide a continuing faculty meeting.
In this case, there shall be the awarding of each lot, and the whole is relisted on a price representing the entire auction.
Fault bid on the meeting, awards are validated.

The state collects the price a transfer fee of 5.09 %

If you are affected by any of these legal actions, contact Master Bracka, a specialist in auctions and foreclosures.

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