Medicare fraud : 3 years suspended sentence for the doctor who issued orders convenience of Subutex

Paris, November 7, 2008 – The Bobigny Criminal Court sentenced him to three years probation and three year ban professional doctor for defrauding health insurance including orders issued fictitious or bogus several treatments opioid substitution.

The doctor was suspected of having issued between 2001 and 2002, without medical consultation, prescription of Subutex, Rohypnol and Skenan, have issued blank or partially written orders and have reported bogus consultations .

Four other defendants were to appear to have been issued for narcotics, using fictitious orders or complacency, and deceiving the primary health insurance funds (CPAM) of the Seine-Saint-Denis and Val Oise presenting forged prescriptions, allowing them to obtain drugs reimbursed under the universal health coverage (CMU).

The damage is evaluated by CPAM of Seine -Saint- Denis and Val d’ Oise at € 218,000, said counsel for the health insurance, Mr. Maher Nemer, who said that the doctor had committed to pay 160,000 euros .

At the hearing, the doctor, 60 years old admitted his mistakes and tried to justify his actions by his state of mental health. He repeated that he was “depressed”, “hyper emotional” and “very anxious”. He explained that one of his neighbors, addict, had once asked a prescription for a replacement product and then, it was the “gear”, referring to the multiple attacks and threats which he was subjected.

Master Denis Clement Bracka, who defended the doctor told her “descent into hell “for having” sold once an addict”. He insisted on his career, his humble origins … “Everything fell apart in 1988 when his mother, with whom he had an almost symbiotic relationship is dead,” he has said.