Judicial auction sale

Do business in court

Gone! Auctions in court are an opportunity popular with real estate professionals and individuals accompanied by a lawyer mine.

enchere-judiciaire-02enchere-judiciaire-01 Auction the court continue to emulate and smiled with future reform that has emerged in recent years, welcomed by all professionals.

Anxious to promote the private sale and reduce the time of the procedure, the government signed 27 July 2006 the Enforcement Decree of the order of 21 April 2006 reforming sales by tender .
This decree, amended twice since, has led to a significant improvement of the regulatory device, increasing the diligence and efficiency of forced sales procedures.

The website encheres-publiques.com, licitor.com et special-encheres.com put online today a hundred sale ads each month.

Master Denis Clement Bracka often represents condominium corporations. According to him, ” the human dimension of these operations is not negligible The orientation is a step towards the amicable resolution of conflicts. Judge has jurisdiction to order execution of a private sale in
within 3 to 6 months – if the owner provides evidence of its intention and its ability to comply with the judge’s order”.

“If the property has an average value, the average cost newspapers are preferred, such as France Soir and Le Parisien and Parisian Posters legal notices, explains Mr. Denis Clement Bracka. For many more exceptional value, The Figaro, La Tribune, Les Echos can be requested for an advertising insert,
our publicists responsible for legal notices, study the options to choose the most appropriate based on the property.”